How to configure an email account in Mac Mail

Email > Email program configuration
  • Go to "Mail/Preferences"
  • Go to "Accounts"
    1. Click "+" to add new account
    2. Select "POP"
    3. Enter description
    4. Enter the email address
    5. Enter your name
    6. Incoming Mail Server:
    7. User Name: Full email address of the pop account
    8. Password: Password of POP account
    9. Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
    10. Choose: Add Server
      • Outgoing Mail Server:
      • Port: 25 or 8889(Do not check 'Use Secure Socket Layer')
      • Authentication: 'Password'
      • User Name: POP account email address
      • Password: Password of POP account
    11. Save Changes