SQL Servers not configured to send mail

Databases > MS SQL 2012
The server farm in our data center has been organized into specified segments for handling specific jobs or routines.This infrastructure strategy allows the servers to optimally execute many of the same types of commands. These segments include servers designated for web sites (web server segment), email messages (email server segment), databases (SQL and MySQL server segment), DNS (Domain Name Server segment), DED (Dedicated server segment), and others.

Unlike on web servers, email applications have not been installed or configured to any database servers. These servers continue to run commands associated with databases only, such as query statements, stored procedures and indexing, allowing all available resources to be allocated strictly to them. This is one very important reason why our database servers have become known as some of the most stable servers in the industry today – as they are held to a very high standard with very little interruption. You will find this philosophy throughout our Server Operation Department (SOD) processes as an important part of our server farm continuity.

Instead of sending email from the database server, we recommend that you send email through the mail server with SMTP authentication.