How to connect SQL 2012 with SQL Webbase MS SQL Server Manager in control panel

Databases > MS SQL 2012
We always recommend to use SQL Server Management Studio to manage SQL Database for full functions. We also provide steps to use Webbase MS SQL Server Manager:

1. Login to hosting control panel -> Database Manager -> SQL Web Connect
2. Click Connection -> DSN-less
3. Please type in "SQL SERVER IP"(it's your database server), "Database Name", "User Name", "Password", ([Please find them in your control panel]), no need to change others, just leave it as default
4. Click Connect

This is how to create a table.

1) After you login via webbase database manager
2) On the left side, you should see your database. Click on the + to expand it.
3) Once you expand it, click on Tables.
4) Once you click on Tables, on the top right hand side of your screen, you should see a yellow start icon. Click on that to create a new table.