How to use Webbase MS SQL Server Manager

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How to use Webbase MS SQL Server Manager?

We always recommend to use SQL Server Management Studio to manage SQL Database for full functions. We also provide steps to use Webbase MS SQL Server Manager:

1. Login to hosting control panel -> Database Manager -> SQL Web Connect
2. Click Connection -> DSN-less
3. Please type in "SQL SERVER IP", "Database Name", "User Name", "Password", ([Please find them in your control panel]), no need to change others, just leave it as default
4. Click Connect

This is how to create a table.

1) After login via webbase database manager
2) On the left side, you should see your database. Click on the + to expand it.
3) Once you expand it, click on Tables.
4) Once you click on Tables, on the top right hand side of your screen, you should see a yellow start icon. Click on that to create a new table.