How to check the specific directory size and file count under your account

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We list the total disk usage and file count number in Control Panel > Server Overview, however, for performance concerns, we do not integrate the feature of checking "directory size"&"file count" in the File Manager. You can still achieve the purpose by programming, enumerate the directories, calculate its child items and the child items' size.
We created an online tool (based on core API), which will list the information of each directory in your account, you can download the production file from here.
  1. create a new site from your Control Panel
  2. upload the production file to the site you just created
  3. unzip the file to the site's root folder
  4. access the site using the corresponding temporary URL
  5. click "Start Scan" in the opening browser tab
  6. follow the tooltip on the website and wait for the result
You can also check the source code of the online tool from the website > source code link.