How do I deploy a Blazor application

Control Panel V5
1. Open your visual studio 2019 then click "Create a new project" option to create a new project.
2. Choose "Blazor App" then click Next
3. Configure your project name and location, then create it.
4. Choose the .net core version and choose the Blazor App type, then click "Create" button to create your Blazor App.
5. If you want to publish this project to our server, please right-click the project name and click publish option to publish your project. On the Publish page please choose the "Import Profile" option and click "Next".
6. You can get our server publish setting info from our Control Panel.
7. Then click "Browse..." button to import our configuration file
8. Then enter the web deploy publish password(same as your Control Panel password by default) to publish your project.
9. When your project publishes to our server you can use the browser to test it.