How to add your signature with image

Note: This article is for smartermail16.x and later version. For smartermail 7.x ~15.x , please refer to:
Adding an image to your SmarterMail signature is a pretty simple process. Getting started, please follow the below steps. 
1. Prepare the full URL to where the image is located. 
Such as :
2. Login to your email account web interface, settings--->Signatures---> + New Signature.
3. Fill in signature name, and click show more to get all buttons listed.
4. Expand and see Code View.
5. Add the code <img src="the full URL to where the image is located" /> to the blank. Please remember to replace the "the full URL to where the image is located" to the Real URL you prepared before.
Save it.
6. Go to settings ---> Signatures and click on the signature, you will see it was created successfully.
7. To use the signature you created, go to Mapped field to choose it and Save.
8. Now try to send an email for test.
9. From recipient inbox, you can see the signature within the email.