Create a PHPInfo File

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Often times you need to find out specific server configuration information is needed in order to install and run a specific web application or script, or just to troubleshoot your server in general. You can easily create a phpinfo file to access a great deal of this info in just a few simple steps.
1) Go to your website root, create a new file.
2) Copy and Paste the following code into the editor.

3) We will now enter the address of the file in our web browsers in order to get the necessary PHP information. If you created the info.php right within your site root folder then we know we can enter the URL as follows. (where is your domain)

If you created the file in another folder within site root, you would include the folder name in the URL you enter.

When you are successful you will see a page with a header similar to the one below that will go on to tell you a wealth of information.