How to set up email account with Windows 10 Mail App ?

Email > Email program configuration
Some customer like to use window mail App to manage their mails. For more detail about this new feature, you can refer to
Here is a detail guide about how to set up your account on Windows Mail.
Open windows mail ---> settings ---> manage accounts---> Add account.
After submit account info, then you can see your account there with a warning.
Right click on it and open Account settings.
Click on Red item "Change mailbox sync settings"
Click on "Incoming and outgoing mail server info". It seems windows mail ask for secure connect to the mail server. So you will need to use the secure address and port. You can get your domain email secure address and port info from  Control Panel ---> Emails ---> Manage users&quota 
Fill in the info and click done.
You can try to send out a test emai now !