How to send email in Node.JS

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NOTICE:  Trial account does not have SMTP service. Therefore, you cannot test this in your trial account. We do this to prevent spammer from taking advantage of our Free Trial Service.

You should use the smtp server assigned to your account "" as the SMTP outgoing server for your web applications(Replace to your own domain name). 

To get your SMTP server setup, please follow the below:
1) Login to your control panel
2) Make sure a domain name is added to your account by going to Hosting Control Panel -> Website Domain Manager
3) Once the domain name is added to your account, go to Hosting Control Panel -> Email Manager and activate your email service for your domain name.
4) Create the necessary email account that you need.  Your script MUST send from an valid Email account. So create the ones you need.
5) Done! Please follow below's code sample to send emails.


Note: you have to get Nodemailer from and install it to your local nodejs application. Or run NPM installer to install the package.
>cd NodeAppFolder

>NPM install nodemailer
Sample code
'use strict';
const nodemailer = require('nodemailer');

// async..await is not allowed in global scope, must use a wrapper
async function main() {

    // create reusable transporter object using the default SMTP transport
    let transporter = nodemailer.createTransport({
        host: '',            //mail server name
        port: 25,                           //TLS port is 587
        secure: false,                      // true for 465, false for other ports
        auth: {
            type: "login",
            user: '',       // real email user
            pass: 'secret'                  // email password
        tls: {
            // do not fail on invalid certs
            rejectUnauthorized: false
        ignoreTLS: false	    // if this is true and secure is false
                                    // then TLS is not used
                                    // even if the server supports STARTTLS extension

    // send mail with defined transport object
    let info = await transporter.sendMail({
        from: '"Name" <>',          // sender address, MUST match auth.user
        to: '',                // list of receivers, separate using comma
        subject: 'Here is the subject',             // Subject line
        text: 'This is the body in plain text',     // plain text body
        html: '<b>This is the HTML message</b>'     // html body

    console.log('Message sent: %s', info.messageId);
    // Message sent: <>

    // Preview only available when sending through an Ethereal account
    console.log('Preview URL: %s', nodemailer.getTestMessageUrl(info));
    // Preview URL:

Resource: Nodemailer