My DNN Website Is Slow

Programming, error messages and sample code
When you go to your website or a page on your website, it appears to be running slowly. There are a few possible causes for this and before we cover them we must clarify that we do not perform development work here. These solutions are things that we have seen in the past on multiple sites and may or may not help your situation. If your in any doubt contact a developer or an SEO specialist.
  • Image files that load slowly
  • Large log files
  • Scheduled tasks that run frequently or collect data from an external source
  • Poor performance from a module
Test 1
Test your website for slow files.
  1. First Go to and test the speed of your website.  You should test using the following settings:
  2. URL:  [your domain]
  3. Location:  Dulles, VA USA
  4. Connection:  FIOS
  5. Once this completes, click on the Waterfall image.
  6. What you are looking for on this page is a single file (perhaps actually multiple files) that are slow to download - These files are usually large images that have not been shrunk or compressed.  If there are slow files listed, then you should engage a developer or graphics artist in order to shrink the files.
Test 2
Your website has lots of logs which are slowing it down.This will clear out your log files and willl increase performance.

  1. Log into your DotNetNuke website as host and go to Host > SQL.
  2. Run the following commands in the Script: field and click Execute:
truncate table sitelog
truncate table eventlog
truncate table schedulehistory
This will clear out your log files and will increase performance.

Test 3
Your website has a bad scheduled task.
  1. Log into your website as host and go to Host > Schedule
  2. Look for scheduled tasks that are set to run extremely frequently or collect external data and disable them.  
Examples of scheduled tasks to look for include the Search Engine Scheduler or email sending/collecting.
To disable a schedule task.
  1. Click on the Pencil icon to the left of the schedule task name.
  2. Uncheck Schedule Enabled and click Update.
In order to completely disable your scheduler allowing you to easily discover what task was causing the issue 
  1. Log into your DNN website as Host.
  2. Click on Host > Host Settings.
  3. Run this command.
update HostSettings set SettingValue = '0' where SettingName = 'schedulermode'

And then restart your website by clicking on Host > Host Settings and click on Restart Website.
Test 4
Your website has a module that is not functioning correctly.
  • Log into your website as Host and go to Admin > Log Viewer and look for lots of red error messages. 
The module generating the errors is most likely the source of your problem.  You should contact the module vendor or a developer to find out why the module is generating errors.