How to Restore Azure database to our SQL server by generate Script?


Step one : check into your Azure account 

Login to Azure protal : they ask for email verification , will send verification code to your email. You will need to fill the code and login.
  • You can see db infos there 
  • DB size there 
  • DB server address  
  • Options "Export" ---> Will generate db backup file .bacpac to  storege account , so you need an account if want to get .bacpac file , in this case , we use another method instead of generate .bacpac. You can refer to Here  for restore with .bacpac file 
  • Connect to Azure database 
  • Need to allow our computer IP when connect to Azure database from SSMS , otherwise could not connect it.
Add rules and save   

Step two 

Steps of getting an Azure SQL database down onto your local machine...:
- Open your Local SQL server Management Studio and connect to your Azure SQL Server.
- Select the database you would like to get down onto your local machine, and "Generate Scripts". Follow the prompts...
BUT, be careful in that if you ALSO want the DATA, as well as the scripts, be sure to check the Advanced Options before beginning the generating...scroll down to "Types of data to script", and make sure you have "Schema and data"...or whatever is appropriate for you.
  • connect to Azure database from SSMS 
  • right click on the db and Generate scripts 
  • select the objects you want to generate 
  • Advance settings ---> "Types of data to script", and make sure you have "Schema and data";
Please note that you may get script timeout related error due to your Network connection to Azure server is not well. To generate script for big database, please consider to use a fast network.

The last step 

  •    Connect to our online database via SSMS and then execute the .sql file obtained before.