How to add a POP3 account in your gmail account?

Email > Email program configuration
1. Login into your Gmail account, click the "settings" --->"See all settings"button on the right of the page.
2. Go to the settings->Accounts and Import panel, click the "Add mail account" button.
3.  Add your own email account.
  • Note that Gmail require secure connection, so we need to use SSL port. So we need to update POP3 port to 995 and specific the secure POP3 server address.
  • You can get your secure POP3 address from Control Panel ---> Emails ---> Manage users &quotas. If you are not sure, please contact support.
  • You can choose to leave copy on our mail server or not.
4. Refer to above  image to configure your own email account, then click the "Add account" button, it should be fine.