How to deal with "The connection name 'OraAspNetConString' was not found in the applications"?

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Parser Error Message: The connection name 'OraAspNetConString' was not  found in the applications configuration or the connection string is empty.
What happens when you install the Oracle .NET package on any of your machines is it installs a ton of different providers into your machine.config along with the OraAspNetConString as a machine-level connectionString. The <clear/> element gets rid of that OraAspNetConString and thanks to Oracle's machine.config additions all of the other Oracle providers loaded by default are crashing when they can't find the connectionString.
01. <connectionStrings>
02.     <clear />
03.     <add name="OraAspNetConString" connectionString=" "/>    
04. </connectionStrings>