How can I edit or delete records from mssql database with Webbase MS SQL Server Manager

Databases > MS SQL 2012
If you would like to edit or delete a row from your mssql database with  Webbase MS SQL Server Manager, please follow the steps below:

1. Login to your database from Webbase MS SQL Server Manager

2. Explore to your database tables, click tables

3. Click edit icon beside the target table

4. Click edit icon in the front of the database row and you will be able to edit it.

5. Check the box before the database row, and click delete icon to delete it.

Note: If you cant find the edit icon nor delete icon beside your database rows, that means none of your table have primary field.
To make a primary field,

1) Use the webbase tool to edit your field property to make sure it's not Nullable.
2) Use the webbase tool -> Tools -> Run Query and run this example:

ALTER TABLE tblBlogMessage

3) Now you should be able to edit your rows.