Importing a CSV file into your database with SQL Server Management Studio

Databases > MS SQL 2012
While bulk copy and other bulk import options are not available on the SQL servers, you can import a CSV formatted file into your database using your SQL Server Management Studio. 

You first need to create a table in your database in which you will be importing the CSV file. After the table is created, follow the steps below.
  • Log into your database using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Right click on your database and select Tasks -> Import Data...
  • Click the Next > button
  • For the Data Source, select Flat File Source.  Then use the Browse button to select the CSV file.  Spend some time configuring how you want the data to be imported before clicking on the Next > button.
  • For the Destination, select the correct database provider (e.g. for SQL Server 2012, you can use SQL Server Native Client 11.0).  Enter the Server name; check Use SQL Server Authentication, enter the User name, Password, and Database before clicking on the Next > button.
  • On the Select Source Tables and Views window, you can Edit Mappings before clicking on the Next > button.
  • Check Run immediately and click on the Next > button.
  • Click on the Finish button to run the package.