How do I Override Smartermail Spam Settings?

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    There may be some confusion regarding how to properly configure the spam settings in SmarterMail, so please refer to below steps to give everyone a clearer understanding of how it actually work
   Spam is filtered based on the sum of the weights assigned to a number of predefined criteria.  These settings can only be adjusted by the Primary Domain Administrator which is the postmaster account.  To gain access to the settings page:  
    1. Log into SmarterMail with the postmaster account.
    2. Click on Settings.
    3. Expand the folders Domain Settings -> Filtering.
    4. Click on Spam Filtering.
    5. Under the Options tab, check the Override spam settings for this domain radio button.

6.  Now,you will take a look at the Actions tab. there are two fields which you can edit.  The Weight value here represents the total weight before the spam filter will take action.  Any value over this total weight will trigger the action selected in the drop down box.  There are only 3 actions you can apply:
    Delete Message
    Move to Junk E-mail Folder
    Add Text to Subject
This will make more sense when we review an email header.  Remember to click on Save to save your changes.