SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified


If you are connecting to SmarterASP.NET Database:

This is most likely an error in your connection string. Please check your connection string against the one that's given in your hosting control panel -> Database Manager -> MSSQL Manager -> Connection String 

If you are trying to connect to your OWN database:

Sorry, for performance reasons,  we don't allow our customer to connect to remote database server.  We suggest you simply make a backup of your database and restore it to our server to test your application.  You’ll see a much faster performance and reliability using this method.
However, if you must connect to a remote database server, please consider upgrading to our Premium Plan or Semi Dedi Plan.  We can enable remote connections in those plans.  

And don't worry, we provide a 60 days FULL Money Back for all of our plans.