How to bypass greylisting in SmarterMail

Email > Webmail/SmarterMail
We recommend that you do not bypass greylisting, as it is a very effective spam reduction tool (read more about greylisting here). If you are certain that you do wish to bypass greylisting, simply follow these instructions.

Greylisting must be disabled on a per user basis, and you must be logged in as postmaster or an alternate Domain Administrator.
  1. Click on "Settings" button, expand "Domain Settings" folder, and click the "Users" link
  2. Double click the username for which you wish to disable greylisting
  3. Check the "Bypass Greylisting" checkbox
  4. Click "Save"
Note that greylisting can be bypassed by default for any new users that you create. To disable greylisting by default, mouse over the "Domain Settings" tab and click the "Default User Settings" link. Check the "Bypass Greylisting" checkbox to disable greylisting by default for newly created accounts.