Creating Full-Text Catalogs and Indexes with Management Studio

Databases > MS SQL 2008

Creating Full-Text Catalog:

1. Connect to your SQL Server Database with Management Studio
2. In "Object" navigate to Databases --> [YourDatabase] --> Storage --> Full Text Catalogs.
3. Right-click on Full Text Catalogs folder and select New Full-Text Catalog.
4. Give your new Full-Text Catalog a name and optionally set it to be the default FT Catalog.
5. Click OK button.

Creating Full-Text Index

1. Right-click on the Full-Text Catalog where you want to create your Full-Text Index and select Properties
2. Navigate to Tables/Views page
3. Under "All eligible table/view object in the database" Select a table on which you are creating the FT Index and assign it to the catalog by clicking "->" button
4. In the Eligible columns list, select the columns you want to participate in FT Indexing
5. Do not change Track changes option to anything else but Automatic
5. Click the OK button